Women’s Wellness Month


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April has been designated as Roots’ “Women’s Wellness Month”! We invite you to join in our campaign over the course of the next few weeks. We aim to encourage our female clients and patients to lead fuller lives by promoting fundamental points within our Whole Health model. We anticipate to achieve this by disseminating health statistics, sharing health tips, holding open dialogues and offering cervical cancer screenings. We offer Pap smears at no cost for those insured through Alameda Alliance, Anthem Blue Cross and Medi-Cal. Call 510-777-1177 to make an appointment for a cervical screening. There will be giveaways for those who receive pap smears!

Media Campaign

You are encouraged to participate in our Social Media Campaign!

  1. Print out one of our two campaign templates.
  2. Write what women’s health means to you. It could simply be one word, or even a few sentences!
  3. Take a photo and upload it to social media using the tag #RootsEmpowers and #WomensWellness!

Women’s Health Info Sheets

Cervical Cancer

Mental Wellness

Breast Cancer


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