Tobacco Policy & Advocacy

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Program Description


Roots recruits and trains Emerging Community Leaders (ECLs) to mobilize in the context of local legislation for multi-unit housing tobacco bans. They will research, outreach, and collaborate in order to formulate policy recommendations that will address concerns of amplified displacement and/or criminalization – reasons frequently cited by housing rights and criminal justice advocates for opposing smoking bans.

Soldiers Against Tobacco (SATs):


Since 2019, our current cohort of Emerging Community Leaders (ECLs) aka Soldiers Against Tobacco (SATs) have been working on a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Initiative (SFMUH) to address tobacco-related health disparities in the City of Oakland. Their goal is to educate Oakland residents about the harmful effects of tobacco use, empower Oakland residents to advocate for community health, and bring forth a 100% Smoke-Free policy recommendation to Oakland City Council that will decrease exposure to secondhand & thirdhand smoke in multi-unit housing. If you would like to learn more and/or are interested in supporting the Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Initiative please click here (SFMUH Educational Packet).

For further information please contact Tobacco Policy & Advocacy at [email protected]

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