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We receive hundreds of letters annually from CDCR inmates that are saying how much they are benefiting from our courses. These letters come from various prisons, including Avenal State Prison, Valley State Prison, CMC-West, DVI-Tracy and other institutions. A large portion of our mail is from inmates requesting our courses at their institution. These letters have come from Centinela State Prison, Salinas Valley State Prison, Corcoran, Chuckawula and other facilities.


  • Substance Abuse Program – SUBI bridging project and other modules
  • Conflict Resolution (Anger Management Course)
  • Chivalry – Development of Manhood
  • Parenting Course (M.O.P.E.)
  • S.A.F.E. (Staying of of Prison-Addressing Addiction-Family in Crisis-Earning a Legit Livelihood
  • S.P.M.D. (Street and Prison Mindset Detoxification)
  • D.V.P. (Domestic Violence Prevention)
  • G.R.P. (Gang Rehabilitation and Prevention)
  • S.T.O.P. (Straight Talk On Point)
  • S.G.R. (Nine Steps to Street Gang Recovery)
  • S.E.R.I.O.U.S. (Severing Dangerous Ties-Erasing Bad Conduct-Removing Harm-Identifying Self-Organizing-Utilizing Ones Times-Searching for Truth
  • One on One Mentoring


  • Tutoring in Math, English and Science
  • G.E.D. Preparation (New Haven Adult School)
  • Computer Literacy
  • Life Skills
  • R.D.I.P. (Resume Development and Interview Preparation)

Skills Development

  • Cisco Networking Academy, i.e. IT Essentials, CCNA I,II
  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Office Services
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Emancipator Program, Clean 360
  • Clean 360