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From left Cortez Chandler and Yusef-Andre Wiley in residents' rooms at Pathway House in Los Angeles, California, photographed on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. (James Buck / Yes!)
(Photo Credit: James Buck / Yes!)

Our Timelist programming aims to end the cycle of violence, crime, poverty, unemployment and recidivism. This an educational platform created by formerly incarcerated individuals. The curricula is designed to empower those within within, or newly released from prison to  participate in a series of workshops and complete specialized courses.

Roots acquired Timelist Group in 2016! This union allowed  for an integration of services for the community. By bringing Timelist’s dynamic educational, skills-building and leadership programs together with Roots’ comprehensive health care and empowerment initiatives, we confidently deepen our impact. Our combined resources and services will provide community members a one-stop home for meeting an extensive range of needs.