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2021 Video Archive: January – December

Week 29 – 7/13/2020

Dr. Noha reviews increasing cases & trends locally & worldwide. She is joined by special guest Analena Hassberg from Streetwyze.

Week 30 – 7/21/2020

Dr. Noha will provide a COVID status update. After the update, Dr. Noha will talk through common objections to receiving the vaccine.

Week 23 – 6/1/2020

Dr. Noha explores long COVID, explaining what we know about this disease and its impact on the long-term health of individuals who contracted the illness.

Week 25 – 6/15/2020

Tune in to listen to Dr. Noha and Danika Mortis, as they discuss California's Re-Opening and considerations for those who have yet to receive vaccination.

Week 27 – 6/30/2020

Tune in to listen to Dr. Noha, as she breaks down the concerns regarding myocarditis in children/young adults after the COVID-19 vaccine.

Week 24 – 6/8/2021

Tune in to Dr. Noha and her guest Dr. Dawud Lankford, a board certified urologist, as they discuss the impact COVID-19 has on men’s sexual health and the connection to ED!

Week 26 – 6/22/2020

We know that people with diabetes are at higher risk for poor outcomes from COVID-19. But can COVID-19 cause diabetes? We’ll go over the latest evidence and information…

Week 19 – 5/4/2020

Dr. Noha explores long COVID, explaining what we know about this disease and its impact on the long-term health of individuals who contracted the illness.

Week 21 – 5/18/2021

After an update on local COVID-19 and vaccination trends in Oakland, Dr. Noha addresses the new CDC mask guidelines as well as vaccination for 12-15 year olds.

Week 20 – 5/11/2021

After an update on local COVID-19 and vaccination trends in Oakland, Dr. Noha answers viewer submitted questions regarding COVID-19, vaccination, and the pandemic.

Week 22 – 5/25/2021

After an update on local COVID-19 and vaccination trends in Oakland, Dr. Noha addresses the topic of shedding, and whether it occurs with the COVID-19 vaccination.
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Week 14 – 4/6/2020

This week focuses on CRITICAL COVID-19 updates and findings!

Week 16 – 4/15/2021

The People’s Health Briefing goes live today at 12pm noon for an urgent update on the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause.

Week 18 – 4/27/2021

Dr. Noha explores the decision to resume use of the Johnson + Johnson vaccine, answering pressing questions regarding its safety and efficacy.

Week 15 – 4/13/2021

Dr. Noha Makes sense of the CDC guidance on surface cleaning.

Week 17 – 4/20/2021

How optimistic can we be at this point? Join Dr. Noha as we delve into the data we’re monitoring, what it means, and where we’re trending.

Week 9 – 3/2/21

Dr. Noha and Dr. Tem delve into what is needed to ensure we maintain healthy homes, spaces, and buildings during this pandemic!

Week 11 – 3/16/21

Dr. Noha Aboelata will go in-depth on what you can do once you’re vaccinated. Following this, stay tuned as she’ll be joined by Shanice Smith, LCSW who will cover the impacts of pandemic stress and isolation on mental health.

Week 13 – 3/30/21

After an update on local COVID-19 and vaccination trends in Oakland, Dr. Noha delves into youth, sports, and school during this pandemic.

Week 10 – 3/9/21

Dr. Noha Aboelata will delve into updates on the vaccine. Curious about how the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine stacks up?

Week 12 – 3/23/21

Dr. Noha Aboelata delves into COVID and smoking with the assistance of Roots’ Soldiers Against Tobacco. These youth will be sharing their findings and policy recommendations for smoke-free, multi-unit housing in Oakland!

Week 5 – 2/2/2021

Dr. Noha focuses this week on variants of COVID-19 that have been cropping up. What does this mean? Are the vaccines going to protect us from them? Get these answers and more!

Week 7 – 2/16/2021

Dr. Noha and Dr. Mays are here to discuss COVID, our children, and school reopening. The safety of our youth and children has become a major point of conversation during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Week 6 – 2/9/2021

This episode focuses on a vaccine rollout update, & the answer to the question. “I’ve gotten the vaccine, now what?” How does life change? Can I stop wearing my mask?

Week 8 – 2/23/2021

Dr. Noha Aboelata will update you on a promising trend: cases falling. She’ll let us know what we need to be doing to maintain this trajectory and most importantly, what it means for our community!

Week 1 – 1/5/2021

There are assumptions that 2021 would make COVID-19 just disappear.Dr. Noha Aboelata will walk you through the reality of the situation, and how to best stay safe!

Week 3 – 1/19/2021

Vaccines have been a polarizing topic over the past several months. Dr. Noha is here to let you know how the vaccine rollout has been going locally, what is actually in the current vaccines being used, & more!

Week 2 – 1/12/2021

COVID-19 is not only a health pandemic, but also an infodemic. Dr. Noha provides tips on how to sort through the information and talk to friends and family during the pandemic.

Week 4 – 1/26/2021

Dr. Noha Aboelata returns to update us on COVID-19 transmission in the workplace including the sectors with the highest positivity rate and necessary precautions to take when at work.

2020 Video Archive: July – December

Week 19 – 12/1/2020

This People’s Health Briefing will cover critical COVID-19 updates with Dr. Noha Aboelata. Please turn into this Broadcast to learn more!

Week 21 – 12/15/2020

Dr. Noha Aboelata will help you understand the case surge and what is behind the rising numbers of infections and hospitalizations.

Week 23 – 12/29/2020

Join Dr. Noha to learn the TRUTH about the COVID-19 vaccine – what we know and what we don’t.

Week 20 – 12/8/2020

Dr. Noha Aboelata will update you on the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, the current shelter-in-place mandate, and the prospects of the vaccine.

Week 22 – 12/22/2020

Dr. Noha Aboelata will update you on the Alameda County case surge & address a topic brought up often, the science between COVID-19 & vitamins!

Week 14 – 11/3/20

Our COO, Aquil Naji will be joining Dr. Noha for a to cover some of the ties between Bay area history, disparities, COVID, and the importance of voting.

Week 16 – 11/16/20

Dr. Noha Aboelata will provide an URGENT STATUS ALERT and guide you through best practices and protocol as our community navigates through these new developments in our fight against COVID-19.

Week 15 – 11/10/20

Dr. Noha will be joined by Kenyata Dibiase our operations administrator to delve deeper into COVID-19, local trends, and our findings.

Week 17 – 11/24/20

Dr. Noha Aboelata will discuss best practices regarding safety during Thanksgiving, and when to get tested for COVID after exposure! Following this, Karina Nance will delve into the housing crisis during COVID-19.

Week 11 – 10/6/2020

This People’s Health Briefing focuses on the connections between COVID-19 and diabetes after we provide a local update regarding the pandemic.

Week 13 – 10/27/2020

This episode will give you an update on local trends with tips and guidance tailored to our specific circumstances. Following these updates, Ana Paniagua, RN, our Clinical Program Coordinator will discuss workplace safety precautions.

Week 12 – 10/20/2020

Join Dr. Noha & our Workforce/Logistics Manager. Barron Bradley for our findings regarding workplace transmission risks!

Week 7 – 9/1/2020

This week Dr. Noha and Melvin Faulks share the most recent findings on this pandemic and on contact tracing.

Week 9 – 9/22/2020

This week Dr. Noha & Dr. Donald Golden, addresses the similarities and differences between COVID-19 and the flu, and best practices to stay safe!

Week 8 – 9/15/2020

Join Dr. Noha for a local update on this pandemic, as well as recommendations to maintain safety!

Week 10 – 9/29/2020

This Briefing focuses on the re-opening standards set by the state of CA, and whether OUR communities are actually safe to reopen (based on the data).

Week 3 – 8/4/2020

Join Dr. Noha and Maurice Judge as they update us on local trends in this pandemic and educate us on COVID-19’testing.

Week 5 – 8/18/20

Join the People's Health briefing this week as Dr. Noha and Tavare Williams share the most recent findings on this pandemic and speak on other killers during the time of COVID .

Week 4 – 8/11/2020

Join Noha Aboelata, MD & La’Trish Pitts as they update us on trends and best practices to maintain safety!

Week 6 – 8/28/2020

Dr. Noha and Dr. Danielle Williams address COVID-19’s effects on those suffering from housing insecurity, as well as the pros & cons behind the saliva test.

Week 1 – 7/21/20

Coronavirus has been overwhelming to understand, with theories and opinions drowning out the few people sharing the truth.

Week 2 – 7/28/20

Join Dr. Noha and Dr. Kenji as they highlight how to protect yourself or your loved ones at risk of a poor outcome due to COVID-19.