Roots South Bay Is Accepting New Patients

Not only was June 17th a beautiful day in San Jose, it was a memorable one for our newly opened satellite location, Roots South Bay. Reverend Reginald Swilley of San Jose was determined to be the clinic’s very first patient with an appointment. He happily spoke on the necessity of a clinic just for us to be rooted in Santa Clara County. San Jose is the 3rd largest city in California, just behind Los Angeles and San Diego. The 167 year old city, fondly nicknamed as the Capital of Silicon Valley is home to a 3% population of those of African ancestry. Rev. Swilley further shared, “I had a great conversation with the doctor about my health and my goals. It was a great conversation.”

Roots South Bay currently offers two programs, ‘Whole Person Care’ sponsored by the California Department of Health Care Services as well as  ‘Family First’, sponsored by First Santa Clara County. The 2,500 square foot facility offers a warm reception area, 3 exam rooms and a multi-purpose room designed for community programs. The clinic was strategically co-located with Ujima Adult & Family Services; a behavioral and mental health clinic to truly offer complete, whole person care.

First patient and Board Member, Reverend Swilley poses in Exam Room 1.

The clinics services include primary care, preventive health screenings and maintenance, continuity of care, chronic illness management and more. Led by Regional Director Alma Burrell, who has extensive experience in Community and Public Health, the clinic ensures a holistic home for all. The facility is co-located with Ujima Adult & Family Services, a behavioral health clinic to truly offer complete whole person care.

Roots South Bay accepts most state and private insurances. The clinic is currently accepting new patients. Call 408-490-4710 today book an appointment or stop by in person. The clinic is located at 1898 The Alameda in San Jose, CA 95126.

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