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Roots Opens New Clinic in East Oakland

Roots Community Health Center, Oakland has moved their flagship clinic to a different suite. The newly renovated 1,400 square foot clinic contains top of the line equipment, four exam rooms, and a spacious waiting area. Aquil Naji, Roots COO explained the clinic’s renovations and how the new facility will garner a stronger connection with the community. “The clinic opening is for the community, the people of East Oakland, our location is the most underserved area in the city, and who says that we don’t deserve the same services and facility’s that Kaiser of Sutter Health provides.”

Aquil has been staunchly committed to improving the lives of East Oaklanders since 2008: “Just because you’re on MediCal doesn’t mean that you have to go to a substandard clinic. I’ve emulated everything that Kaiser and Sutter does. This is Kudos for the residents of East Oakland. No one would think of bringing a facility of such caliber and class to the neighborhood; Roots has raised the bar.”

Statistics determined that a child born within two miles of East Oakland has a ten year longer life expectancy than a child born and raised in East Oakland. Roots will continue to offer primary care services to the community in efforts to end health inequities that exist.

The new clinic is open to the public September 27th through September 29th from 9 am – 5 pm this week for tours. Please stop by and learn more about our Whole Health approach.

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