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“Your vote matters. If it didn’t, why would some people keep trying to take it away? ” – John Lewis

Roots has expanded our commitment to empowering the voters within East Oakland by installing a #ballot drop box outside of our 9925 International Blvd clinic site! In a moment where there are attempts to disenfranchise our communities and limit our turnout, we’re fighting back.

Installing #leadership that pursues policies that protect and empower our people is essential to better #health outcomes. Go vote and make your voice heard in these #elections!

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The O.U.R. Project: Impacting communities one conversation at a time. Every Thursday at 6:30 pm until October 8th.

Join us for dynamic community discussions that affect the policies and structures governing our imprisoned and formerly incarcerated community members! Share your perspective and shape the community we live in.

Topics will include: the pandemic and how it affects those in and outside of prison, the housing navigation process with all its challenges, family reunification, resources optimization and effectiveness, and so much more.

To register, scan the QR code on the flyer. We look forward to sharing this space with you soon.
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Roots Community Health Center invites you to enrich yourself with our upcoming week of programs and events! Connect, engage, learn, and enjoy the presence of each other while comfortably at home.

To sign up visit :
and click on the program you wish to attend
click on the flyers below!

In honor of Labor Day, we wanted to appreciate the key to Roots’ success: our employees! Their passion and commitment to our community and their work is what keeps Roots thriving. They’ve been extraordinary — working long hours and learning new skillsets to adapt to life during this pandemic. Their investment is what allows us to test hundreds of people a day at our testing facilities. Their innovation is what has allowed for programs to continue despite the circumstances. Their love for you is why we’ve been able to accomplish so much in the past few months.

Roots is a reflection of them. #rootsempowers #employeeappreciation #resilience #love #communityhealth #eastoakland #bayarea #sanjose #thankyou

While the best practices to avoid COVID-19 spread requires physical distancing and avoiding gatherings, we know many folks will be out and about this long weekend.

So— here’s a major key to remaining safe: BYOE. Bring your own snacks, alcohol, weed, and beverages. Use individually packed goods and avoid the family style approach! Don’t share + and don’t feel bad about that.

A little bit of “selfishness” will keep us all safer in the long run.

#rootsempowers #harmreduction #byoe #safety #puffpuffpass #oakland #sanjose #eastoakland #bayarea #dontshare #publichealth

It’s one thing to take personal risks. It’s another thing when your choices put others at risk.

If you think you may have been exposed, or if you develop symptoms, isolate yourself from those at risk for severe illness or death (over 65, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, lung disease,etc.) and get tested.


Black Breastfeeding celebrates and emphasizes the benefits of breastfeeding our young #Black babies! Swipe through the images to learn the lifelong perks that come while enriching your child with breast milk. #rootsempowers #blackbabies #breastfeeding #southbay#oakland #eastoakland #BBW2020

Please check out some of the wonderful messages we provide for our young families at Dream Youth Clinics. During the Covid-19 crisis, increasing home hygiene can help to keep you and your children safe. If you would like additional information on messages that we send out to our young mothers group, please head over to @DreamYouthClinic and DM us! Source: Centers for Disease Control

Getting tested protects all of us. Participating in a peaceful and productive fight against unjust systems protects all of us. Get tested for your neighbor. Protest to protect your community. With cause and community we walk, we stand, we kneel with our fellow neighbors. #GetTestedToday #BlackHealthMatters #OaklandStrong

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