Research & Evaluation

Our team of professionals undertakes original research, population studies and critical evaluation projects aimed at assessing and improving health care quality and access in our community and other communities of color across the nation.

Current Projects

  • Health Professions Shortage Area Designation
  • HealthSTATS – routinizing Hepatitis C and HIV testing in primary care settings
  • Incidence of/risk factors for Hepatitis C among low-income people of African descent
  • Healthy Connections – linking complex patients to primary care
  • HealthcareWORKS – Assessing the impact of “skilling up” front line health care workers on: quality and continuity of patient care and staff job satisfaction. Utilizes a modified “health coaching” model.
  • Evaluating models/developing best practices for enrolling “hard to reach” individuals into public benefits.

Recent Projects

Areas of Expertise

Social Determinants
Cultural Competency
Health Equity
Organizational Compliance
Re-Entry Healthcare
Healthcare Access
Clinic Licensing
Affordable Care Act
EHR Procurement, Implementation, and Conversion
Chart Abstraction & Retirement
Patient Centered Medical Home
Quality Assurance & Improvement
Expansion, Recruitment, and Staffing
Medical-legal Risk Management/Expert Review
Design and Equip Medical Facilities

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