Residence Based Care

program2Some of the most at-risk members of our community benefit tremendously from home-based care. These include not only those who are too ill to leave home, or those who have mobility issues, but also those who are living in transitional housing or residential treatment facilities.

Clients living in facilities such as transitional housing from prison back to society, or substance abuse treatment and recovery centers tend to do best when they are able to remain fully engaged in their program. Going to the hospital or clinic is one common reason residents may go off-site. This is often an unnecessary use of resources as the visit may not be needed, and often-times, facility staff needs to accompany the resident to their visit.

Facility and Home-Based Care is also an innovative way to increase access to primary care at Roots, by freeing up appointments at the clinic.


Program Highlights:

  • Health care services are provided at the time and place of need

  • Health and mental health services are provided on-site at re-entry programs,   transitional housing, rehabilitation facilities and patient residences located in Oakland

  • Barriers to care such as transportation issues are overcome

  • Communication with facility staff and/or patient’s family gives health professionals insight into concerns to be addressed during the  clinical visit

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