Workforce Enterprises

Roots operates workforce enterprises that manufacture goods and services and provide employment and skills training for participants so they can secure and sustain economic stability.

Clean 360

Clean360 is Roots’ soap making workforce enterprise that generates funds for—and serves as a training ground for—our Emancipators Initiative. 

Hamilton Broadway Signs

Hamilton Broadway Signs provides didactic instruction and skills training in graphic design, printing, and installation of high-quality commercial signage.

Jessie King, Workforce Coordinator, Turning Point, Clean360, and Emancipators, Roots Community Health Center

“Now I’m serving the community that I once poisoned. It feels good to do some good in the community. The people around here love me. I love Roots. This is my family. If I could keep the job that I have I’m not going to ever retire.”

Jessie King
Workforce Coordinator
Turning Point, Clean360, and Emancipators
Roots Community Health Center