Other Youth Services

The Roots Youth Advisory Council

The Roots Youth Advisory Council is a youth board comprised of young people from Oakland who work with Roots leadership and community stakeholders to inform Roots about how public health issues impact Oakland youth. Our youth advisory board works on key issues including COVID-19, community violence, youth mental health, and creates digital content to raise awareness in the community, educate local officials, and influence policy change.

The Truth About Using

The Truth About Using is a youth-led, interactive, creative, comprehensive program that incorporates youth-designed media production to provide youth peer substance use education and to elevate youth-led community and civic engagement on the impact of substances on the lives of Oakland youth.

The Wellness Over Drugs Project (The W.O.D Project)

The W.O.D Project engages young people as Empowered Youth Leaders to lead education and policy awareness on the disproportionate impact of the War on Drugs on Black communities across Oakland. Our Empowered Youth Leaders receive education on the War on Drugs policies, training  to educate their peers and community on these policies and their impact. They also engage with local and state policymakers regarding the present effect discriminatory War on Drugs policies.