Oakland Unite- Violence Prevention Navigation

Oakland Unite, a city program funded by Measure Z, utilizes life coaching and intensive case management to re-direct high risk youth and young adults and prevent violence.

Qualifications: Must be between ages of 18-35.  Must Meet Four Of The Six Criteria To Be Program Eligible:

  1. Have a history of, or is at high risk of, engaging in gun involved activity
  2. Has been shot and/or seriously injured due to turf/group/gang related street violence
  3. Has had a close peer, friend, or family member shot and/or killed through turf, group, gang related street violence in the last 3 years.
  4. On probation or parole for a violent offense
  5.  Lives in or hangs out in a designated target “Hot Spot” area
  6. Associates closely with known turfs, groups, or gangs involved in violent activity.

For more information, please contact:

OU Supervisor: Askia-510-777-1177 ext. 238