Oakland CA clinic for all needs

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Oakland California Community Clinic for all Needs

Oakland California community clinic

Posted on: 10 May 2013

At Roots Community Health Center, our experienced physicians provide medical services to residents of East Oakland. We understand our community and focus our services to help those who live here.

We understand you might not have a doctor you see regularly. You may have recently moved to East Oakland or you may not be able to travel far to get to a doctor.  We can provide you with yearly exams to ensure you stay on top of your health. Our doctors can be the ones you see regularly and assists you with your health.

We understand how you or your child you might be suffering from an infection or injury and need to be seen as soon as possible. We provide same day or next day appointments. Our clinic has private rooms for your comfort.

We understand you might have children or an elderly parent you’re taking care of. We provide service for the entire family, making it convenient for you. No need to visit different locations. There may be times someone you love needs a home visit. We can provide patient care at home.

We understand if someone in your family needs to be seen for drug or alcohol treatment; or they might be in a transitional setting. We will help you and your family. We have physicians who can visit your loved ones.

We understand if someone in your family needs mental health care. Our physicians can help and provide confidential services.

We understand if you’re an immigrant.  Medical practices might be different here than in your home country. You and your family might need immunizations and records in order to enter school. We can help you with paperwork.

We understand that you might need to check on your medical records but can’t get to the clinic.  We have an electric patient portal, so you can access your records securely, online.

At Roots, we focus on you, the patient. Our doctors and staff work together to coordinate our health services for you and your family.

Contact us for questions or to make an appointment. All information is confidential.


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