Your Medical Home

Do you know your HealthStats?

What is your cholesterol? Do you know your sugar levels? Are your liver tests normal? Have you ever been tested for Hepatitis C?

At Roots, we know how important it is for each person to know about their body and their health status. Having a medical home means that you have a place to go to get the information you need about yourself.

Roots Community Health Center is a primary care clinic that provides the full scope of primary care services. We see community members of all ages, from childhood, to the elderly. We also provide counseling services in addition to primary and preventative healthcare.

Group visits (multiple patients being seen for education and counseling on the same condition) are also available and may include complimentary treatments such as acupuncture. Health education is provided, including teaching appropriate use of emergency services as well as appropriate use of clinic services.

These are just some of the services we offer:

  • Primary Care – Get the highest quality care from your own personal medical doctor.
  • Pediatrics – Get comprehensive care for your child.
  • Physical Exams and Check-ups – For school, work, or just for your own peace of mind
  • Immigration Physical Exams
  • TB test and immunizations – Get the test and vaccines you need, quickly and easily. We will also provide you the paperwork to show what was done.
  • Lab tests – Check your cholesterol, sugar, liver, and more. Find out where you stand so you can make the best decisions about your health.
  • Men’s and Women’s Health – Get the screenings that are right for you based on your gender and age. Take care of your body so you can rest assured!
  • RapidCare – Do you have a cough or cold? Are you concerned about your health but don’t know who to ask? Are you running out of medications and can’t get anyone to take care of it in time? Get an appointment in a timely manner by calling us at 510.777.1177
  • Home Visits – Our medical providers can come visit you in your home in certain situations. Contact us to see if this kind of care is right for you.

Request an appointment online, or call 510-777-1177