Legal Clinic

On February 27 between 10:00am—1:00pm, we will hold a free, Prop 47 Legal Clinic. Those in attendance will receive free consultations with attorneys from Bay Area Legal Aid. Get help with Prop 47 and Traffic Amnesty. Obtain advice about other Clean Slate remedies and get screened for additional legal services:

  • Evictions, reasonable accommodations requests, and denial of housing due to criminal record
  • Appealing denials or overpayments of public benefits
  • Lifting driver’s license suspensions
  • Debt and credit reporting
  • Employer background checks and occupational licensing

If you have any of these felonies on your record you may be able to reduce it to a misdemeanor:

  • Simple Drug Possession
  • Petty Theft of $950 or less
  • Shoplifting $950 or less
  • Forgery of $950 or less
  • Writing a Bad Check of $950 or less
  • Receiving Stolen Property $950 or less

To register for this upcoming clinic contact Erin Kennedy, Barrier Removal Coordinator at Roots Community Health Center, 9925 International Blvd., Oakland, CA 94603, 510-777-1177, ext. 237, [email protected].

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