How to talk with people who won’t wear masks; Plus, advocates demand justice for Black girl jailed in Michigan for not doing homework

On this show:

0:08 – Trump’s Attorney General William Barr yesterday testified to Congress in a heated hearing on the gassing of protesters at Lafayette Square, the deployment of federal agents to cities like Portland, the deaths of people incarcerated in federal prisons, and more. He faced intense grilling by Democrats, including Rep. Pramila Jayapal. John Nichols (@NicholsUprising), national affairs correspondent for The Nation, joins us to debrief the hearing and discuss what a next Covid-19 relief package could look like.

0:34 – What are the tactics that work to convince people to wear masks during the coronavirus crisis? Julia Marcus is an infectious disease epidemiologist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Her latest piece for the Atlantic is “The Dudes Who Won’t Wear Masks.” If you’re talking with people in your life who won’t wear masks, check out Marcus’s Twitter thread with tips on how to have the conversation.

1:08 – A 15-year-old Black girl in Michigan known as “Grace” has been jailed for not doing her homework, sparking protests and organizing under the banner #JusticeForGrace. It has shed a glaring light on how the criminal justice system treats Black girls. For more we talk with Vivian Anderson, founder of EveryBlackGirl, Inc.

1:34 – Some media has been reporting on Covid-19 rates in East Oakland and saying they’re linked to gatherings at Lake Merritt. Local health experts respond that this is misguided and incorrect. Dr. Noha Aboelata is founder and CEO of Roots Community Health Center, she joins us to talk about how the media should be talking about stopping the spread of the virus in Oakland.

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