Mission & History

Our Mission

Founded in Oakland, California, the mission of Roots Community Health Center is to uplift those impacted by systemic inequities and poverty. We accomplish this through medical and behavioral health care, health navigation, workforce enterprises, housing, outreach, and advocacy.

Our Vision

We envision a United States where all communities of African descent are resilient, healthy, self-sufficient, and self-determined. We are proudly serving the greater Bay Area and are expanding to other CA regions.

Our Values

We value:

·       Equity

·       Access

·       Collaboration

We believe in:

·       Whole health

·       Honoring culture

·       Economic empowerment

How We Started

9925-facade_sqRoots Community Health Center was founded in 2008 to address troubling health issues in East Oakland. The vision of Roots was to become a community health center serving area residents who need it most, but it began as a residence-based program, targeting members of our community with the greatest need.

Namely, Roots sought to impact care for men in our community who lacked health care coverage or access. This is because traditionally, supportive services are more readily available to women in society, leaving men out. Roots focused its efforts primarily on men reentering society from prison, men with substance abuse and mental health issues, and young fathers without a traditional support system.

Our medical team provided care to these men on-site at various re-entry programs, substance abuse facilities and fatherhood programs. Not only were medical services provided at the time and place of need, but patients were signed up for programs and services to benefit them as well. By providing medical care on-site, appointments were convenient and accessible. Many emergency room visits were avoided, and patients were able to attend their programs, training, classes and jobs without interruption.

This initiative, later named Fit4Work, is based on the belief that health is a prerequisite for sustainable employment and entrepreneurship, and that stable income is a contributor to good health. Roots has since developed initiatives that aim to increase job readiness, employability, job retention, and less reliance on “the system”.

Roots still believes in the power of home and facility-based care and continues to provide these services to those patients who need it. If you or your facility needs a medical provider who will come to your location, please contact us.

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