Hepatitis C

What is Hepatitis C?
  • Hepatitis C is a virus that can have no symptoms for years, and can cause serious liver and kidney damage, cancers, and death if untreated.
  • Baby boomers (born 1945-1965) are 5 times more likely to be infected with Hepatitis C, even if they don’t have high-risk behaviors.
  • People who share needles, share hygiene tools like toothbrushes and razors, or have unprotected sex with people of unknown Hep C status, are at risk for Hep C.
Should I Get Tested for Hepatitis C?
  • Everyone should get tested at least once in their lifetime, or more often if they have risk factors.
  • Knowing your status is the first step toward protecting your health! Call 510-777-1177 to make an appointment with a Roots Primary Care Provider.
Is there a Cure?
  • Yes! And it’s usually free with Alameda Alliance, and free or affordable with other insurance providers. If you have Hepatitis C, please call 510-777-1177 to set up your first appointment with a Primary Care Provider.
  • No insurance? We’ll help with that too! Make sure to mention that when you call.
For More Information…
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For Healthcare Providers

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