Healthcare Workforce

Roots Health Academy

Provides on-the-job training, internships and externships in all aspects of the primary care clinic

Roots Health Careers Ladder is designed to support participants in their health career pathway via a variety of mechanisms including:

  • on-the-job training and skill building – provision of study materials – preceptorships, mentorship
  • electronic health records proficiency training
  • skills enhancement and ongoing assessments – challenge programs (MA, LVN)
  • scholarships (CNA, CHW)
  • Health coaching training
  • Community Health Worker internships

Roots Health Navigators

We believe that life experience is the best teacher. We hire members of our community and support them to go to school to become Community Health Workers who then provide critical supportive services to their clients.


“Skilling up” of frontline healthcare workers to include health coaching training, complex care management, medication reconciliation and case management.