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Originally Posted on March 31, 2013 by aquil naji

Licensed community clinic

Posted on: 31 Mar 2013

The Roots Health Center services individuals that most other clinics have forgotten about. Even in their own countries, the issue of healthcare for them was out of their reach. At Roots Health Center, they are treated the same as the rest of the population. Our clinic is not run by unqualified personnel, but is a fully licensed community clinic.

Our physicians and other medical staff are fully certified in their fields. They also are individuals who have a strong sense of compassion for those less fortunate members of society and their time is donated.

The clinic is not one that is operated like it might have 20 years ago. Our clinic is in line with the Electronic Health Standards required, including an electronic patient portal. Our patients have had access to their medical records online since the summer of 2012. Thankfully we had in-house experts who were able to bring this online in both a smooth and efficient manner, not only for our patients, but for the staff as well.

For many, the clinic is the first time that they have had access to continued care. They know they will be treated with respect and efficiency. The goal of our clinic is to “heal our community from within.”

There are so many needs, areas of healthcare that most of the patients have never had access to, such as preventive care, anger management, counseling, immunization, care specifically aimed at both men and women, and chronic disease management to mention just a few.

Because many of the individuals who seek care at the clinic are also hoping to be valid immigrants, we help them with the requirements that they must complete. First, making them aware of what is needed, and then filling out the I-693 form which entails getting both physical and mental exams evaluations, having specific vaccinations as well as blood tests.

We are their “Medical Home.” It is at the Roots Health Center that they know they will find a variety of health-related services. As time passes and more come to the clinic, we expand our services to meet their needs.

Aquil Naji

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