Day 8: Economic Resources

Health disparities that stem from differences in socioeconomic status affect our immediate area in unprecedented numbers.  For our clients, steps to meaningful employment, upward mobility and enhanced family life are attainable through economic resource assistance.  We are able to address these conditions through our Empowerment Center.  

The Empowerment Center is an integral component of our Whole Health Model. The center offers a variety of resources including a job and housing resource board, development workshops, and interview preparation.  The focus on the whole person is done through engagement, exploration and empowerment.  The Economic Empowerment Coordinator Kwanzaa Duviyani explained, “A lot of people come to the Center and they don’t know what their skills are. We help them explore their career options and make good decisions about their future.  Getting an interview is just the first step, we also groom clients to answer interview questions effectively and from a personal perspective.”

Clients are additionally assisted with time management and financial planning skills.  We also expand employment opportunities for East Oakland by offering onsite job fairs with our community partners.

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