Day 1: Economic Opportunity

Earlier this month, we partnered with UPS to host two days of job interviews at Roots for East Bay residents. To be eligible for hire, interested candidates were asked to complete an online application ahead of time. UPS Human Resources Supervisor, Heather Hubbard, encouraged applicants to speak about their interest in the position, character strengths and overall ambitions. Among the ten men that were extended offers of employment was Deandre Murphy, a participant of our Emancipators Initiative. This initiative’s primary objective is to equip men with significant barriers to employment with workforce development training and a stable means of self-sufficiency. Deandre shared that “People here at Roots are so loving and helpful, they make sure you have a job. I’ve only been in the program for nine weeks, and now I’ll be working at UPS!”.
Our community health center, which encompasses three different clinical locations across the Bay Area and a variety of supportive programs, remains unprecedented in empowering Oakland residents whose lives are often transformed after securing employment.

Roots’ own Case Manager and Health Coach, Paris Johnson, requested that UPS conduct onsite interviews to facilitate more opportunities for economic independence for our community members. He earnestly recognized the importance of offering “employment resources to men in our community from fortune 500 companies.” Oaklanders can look forward to more collaboration with UPS in the coming year.

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