Culturally Competent Medical Care in East Oakland

Originally Posted on August 5, 2013 by aquil naji

Oakland is widely known as the home of the Black Panther Party, iconic black politicians, athletes, entertainers, and the 2nd largest population of African Americans in the state of California. The East Bay city is now fortunate to have a health community center that works diligently to reduce the health disparities amongst this ethnic group.

In March of 2011, Roots Community Health Center was opened in East Oakland in order to provide residents with culturally competent medical care, from its community center to patients homes. Roots Community Health Center acknowledges the reality of lack of transportation and mistrust of doctors. Therefore, “Culturally Congruent Community Rooted Providers” are committed to underserved families, making health care services easier and more convenient to access in the community. These providers ensure effective strategies to improve and address African American health issues that are medical, social and psychological, for today and the future.

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