Call To Action: Protect ACA

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 04: Five-year-old James Cook of Cleveland, Ohio, participates in a rally to support the Affordable Care Act in front of the U.S Supreme Court March 4, 2015 in Washington, DC. The Supreme Court was scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case of King v. Burwell that could determine the fate of health care subsidies for as many as eight million people. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 541152493 ORG XMIT: CST1503040935521907
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We stand with Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan and ‘Alameda County Fights For Medical’ in rallying to protect the Affordable Care Act!
By adding to the collective voice of why the #ACA is important to Oakland specifically, you can make a difference. Tell Congress why affordable, quality health care matters to you.

Call Congress
866-426-2631 (English)
877-736-7831 Spanish)
We can’t afford for healthcare and Medicaid to be taken away from children, seniors and people with disabilities who need it most, for our loved ones to lose protections for pre-existing conditions, and for monthly premiums and co-pays to go up for all Americans. We need care, not chaos. Make sure you share why quality, affordable healthcare is important to you, your family, and your work! #NotAPlan #CareNotChaos #Fight4OurHealth

Join a Phone Bank
SEIU-UHW Fightback Phone Bank
Wednesday June 14th, 2017
2-5pm and 5-8pm
SEIU-UHW, 560 Thomas L Berkley Way Oakland, CA 94612

Spread the stakes on Social Media
Over 170k Alameda County residents are at risk of losing their health insurance coverage #FightForMediCal
#Fight4OurHealth #CareNotChaos
We’re fighting for the #ACA & Medi-Cal in @AlamedaCounty. #Fight4OurHealth
If Congress repeals the #ACA, over 10.4% of @AlamedaCounty residents are at risk. #FightForOurHealth

Talking Points
1. The amended ACA will
– Cause at least 24 million Americans to lose coverage, including over 4 million Californians
– Increase premiums for older adults, women, and those with pre-existing conditions
– Deduct $880 billion from Medicaid, directly affecting low-income persons
– Utilize health care cuts to fund tax cuts to the wealthy, as well as drug companies
– Allow insurance companies to charge patients with pre-existing conditions more
– Undermine the requirement that insurers must cover basic health care services
(ex: hospital care, maternity care, prescription drugs, and mental health)
2. The amended ACA presents troubling provisions:
– Additional money for “high-risk pools” is less than a tenth of what is needed and will not prevent insurance companies from charging people with pre-existing conditions substantially more for health coverage.
– California’s experience has shown that “high-risk pools” lead to higher costs, fewer benefits and waiting lists rationing care for those with pre-existing conditions.
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