Roots Chiefs & Directors

Founding CEO
Roots Community Health Center

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Director of Programs & Policy

Director of Finance

Director of Human Resources &

Staff Development

Director of Adolescent &

School Based Programs

Director of Patient Services & Billing

Director of Navigation Services 

Board of Directors

Robert Donald

President, Trebor Business Services

Sabrina Johnson, Pharm-D

President, Pharm-Assure

Mayssa Sultan, MPA, Lac

CEO & Co-director, Integrative Clinics International, Inc.

George Woods, MD

Chief Scientific Officer
Crestwood, Behavioral Health, Inc.  

Anika Johnson


Co-director, Johnson Family

Care Homes

Noha Aboelata, MD

Member: Agency CEO
Roots Community Health Center

Aquil Naji

Member – Agency COO

Roots Community Health Center

Pictured Above: Roots family from all sites in 2019