A Unique Approach at Roots: An Oakland CA Community Clinic

Originally Posted on April 30, 2013 by aquil naji

Oakland California community clinic

Where can a patient go to have all their medical needs met? They can go to Roots of course. Roots is an Oakland California Community Clinic that strives to meet our patients short and long term needs. But what makes Roots so unique?

When patients walk into our clinic, they have walked into a new culture. They may be visiting to address an injury or a sickness, but without knowing it they may have just walked into their new Medical Home. Many patients do not have a regular medical doctor, and when their medical predicament calls for follow-up care, they do not seek it. Follow-up care is necessary to ensure that a patient’s injury or illness has healed. It is also needed because a patient may have a chronic illness or disorder that can not be fully addressed with one emergency visit. We understand this predicament at Roots. We offer Rapid Care to address clients who visit the clinic seeking medical help for their urgent healthcare needs. We offer follow-up care. With Rapid Care our clinic can schedule same-day doctor appointments. At Roots, caseworkers are able to look at the pattern of Rapid Care Patients visits and address all their medical needs, emotional and physical. They are even able to track the patients chronic illnesses and offer additional care and preventative tips. The goal is that patients will identify Roots as their new Medical Home and the Oakland Community as a whole will be healthier.

Another unique feature at Roots Clinic is that our staff does not just treat the body, we also address the mind by addressing psychosocial factors that affect their health. However that is not all, we also offer Residence-Based Care to our patients. If you are a member of the Oakland Community and you are looking for a new Medical Home, please contact us.


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