2020 COVID-19 Community Hero Award

Our very own Dr. Danielle Williams is being honored as a 2020 COVID Community Hero by Alameda County’s Health Care for the Homeless! We’d love to congratulate Dr. Williams for this award and the acknowledgement of her stellar investment in our community during these trying times. Here’s what they’re saying about her:

“Dr. Williams has been an inspiring partner since the start of the pandemic, stepping up countless times to support outbreak responses in encampments, bringing field-based testing to the streets, and referring countless vulnerable households to Safer Ground.

She stood out in the early days of the COVID-19 response; working tirelessly and being available on weekends, holidays, and always responding where help was needed to provide ROOTS’ focused, client-centered testing services in quick response to real and potential outbreaks.”

We also want to appreciate Alameda County for their continued support of our efforts and aiding us in healing our community from within!

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