program1Individuals who do not have a physician and do not traditionally access clinic care will seek care for their urgent needs at hospital emergency rooms. Many of these individuals may require follow-up and/or ongoing care, but never establish a “medical home” or regular source of care. In addition, lack of timely access to a health care provider is a significant barrier to care, even for those who have a “medical home”. Individuals unable to see a health care provider at their clinic are forced to access emergency room care. RapidCare is designed to address this significant barrier to care in our community by making same or next-day appointments with a health care provider available. Primary care services are provided on-site, and RapidCare patients are advised to follow up as directed by the health care provider. This facilitates appropriate follow-up as needed into chronic or ongoing episodic care.

RapidCare also allows improved quality of care in the following ways. First, RapidCare is a point of entry to identify those that are in need of ongoing care. By attending to an urgent need in a primary care setting, identified concerns will be appropriately followed-up, and chronic diseases identified, evaluated and managed. Also, by identifying those who heavily use  RapidCare, Roots staff can identify medical, psychological or social issues and refer as appropriate to case management, mental health or social services.  By providing urgent as well as primary care at the same location, significant barriers to care are eliminated.

Program Highlights:

  • Creates access for established, new and follow-up patients

  • Same-day and same-week appointments available for urgent and ER follow-up appointments

  • Medical professionals taking call have access to the clinic schedule and can therefore schedule appointments immediately based on need

  • Follow up calls are made by a case manager following the appointment, at time intervals established by the provider

  • Case conferences between medical professionals are held on a regular basis to ensure the system remains responsive to patient and community need

* Please note that this service is not intended for individuals who already have a medical home. Patients seen in RapidCare will be presented with the opportunity – and requirement –  to establish their care at Roots.  

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