VOLT Job Fair

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We have partnered with  VOLT Workforce Solutions to offer a Job Fair on February 22nd, 2017 between 10:00am-2:00pm. VOLT connects talented applicants with great opportunities at top companies in the East Bay. Submitting your applicant profile through their agency means you will be considered for current openings as well as other positions that you’re qualified for as they become available. …

adminVOLT Job Fair

Day 10: Pathways to Change

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In 2016, Roots Community Health Center expanded our Whole Health Model by acquiring Timelist Group and their curricula, developed by and for incarcerated individuals. The curricula, which emphasizes individual’s mindset and behavior, aims to end the cycle of violence, crime, poverty, unemployment and recidivism of those who have been incarcerated, complementing Roots’ comprehensive wraparound services. Our life-changing educational platform empowers …

adminDay 10: Pathways to Change

Day 9: Economic Empowerment

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The Emancipators Initiative creates opportunity through workforce development and wraparound care. It remains a pillar of hope for those who have been disconnected from the workforce for an extended period of time, have experienced significant barriers to employment, and may not have basic job readiness skills. Members of the program are able to gain work experience through specialized, on-the-job training …

adminDay 9: Economic Empowerment

Day 8: Economic Resources

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Health disparities that stem from differences in socioeconomic status affect our immediate area in unprecedented numbers.  For our clients, steps to meaningful employment, upward mobility and enhanced family life are attainable through economic resource assistance.  We are able to address these conditions through our Empowerment Center.   The Empowerment Center is an integral component of our Whole Health Model. The …

adminDay 8: Economic Resources

Day 7: Children’s Health

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The Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) identifies health disparities as inequitable differences directly related to the distribution of political, economic, and environmental resources. An African-American child born into East Oakland is expected to live 15 fewer years than a white child born 3 miles away in the Oakland Hills. Unfortunately, data suggest that similar health inequities among different races in …

adminDay 7: Children’s Health

Day 6: Barriers to Reentry

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The reentry population of East Oakland encounters barriers that other members of our community don’t often experience. Regrettably, legal barriers for formerly incarcerated men and women exist in the areas of employment, housing, and transportation. On December 18th and December 21st we offered a platform for our local communities diverse needs by partnering with the office of Alameda County Supervisor, …

adminDay 6: Barriers to Reentry

Day 5: Health Navigation

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In 2014,  Jessie was accepted to the Roots’ Emancipators Academy. Emancipators receive extensive workforce training through our social enterprise, Clean 360, invaluable mentorship and wrap-around support services. While Jessie was cultivating his skills at the factory, we also helped him navigate barriers he encountered by implementing components that would promote whole health. A year later, Jessie graduated from the Emancipators …

ekuaDay 5: Health Navigation

Day 4: Culturally Competent Care

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Cultural competence is defined today as the ability to communicate effectively  with patients of different cultures, races and ethnic groups. Nowhere is the understanding of cultural competence more critical today than in the provision of medical care. Racially, ethnically and culturally diverse patients enter various healthcare settings as vulnerable individuals who experience unique circumstances that are not always acknowledged by providers or clinicians. …

adminDay 4: Culturally Competent Care

Day 3: Collaboration (Holiday Toy Giveaway)

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 27th, 2016 CONTACT Roots Community Health Center Y’Lonn Burris (510) 777-1177 Roots Community Health Center Delivers Smiles to Hundreds of Youth This Holiday Season Hundreds of East Oaklanders attended Roots’ Holiday Toy Giveaway on Saturday, December 24th.  Roots Community Health Center delivered smiles to hundreds of children this holiday season by distributing over 300 CareBears Dune …

adminDay 3: Collaboration (Holiday Toy Giveaway)

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Roots Community Health Center is Giving 208 Dune Buggies to East Oakland’s Boys & Girls  Oakland – Saturday, December 24th between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Roots Community Health Center will be giving 208 Care Bears and Spiderman Dune Buggies to the children in the community of East Oakland. “During this holiday season, Roots’ focus is on families and children …